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Finally finished this beautiful history of Disneyland. From the cover, I was expecting a guidebook with tidbits of history thrown in, but this was an extensively-researched piece of work and an essential read for anyone remotely interested in Walt Disney and the legacy he left behind. Full review is over on my book blog here.

Tomorrowland had Space Man K-7. The costume was oversize, very heavy, and very hot. The actor had his head inside of a plexiglass dome with only a small hole for ventilation. It has been said that one spaceman actor became very popular because he snuck a battery radio inside the suit and kept everyone informed about the latest summer baseball scores.
The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey
Animator Frank Thomas said, “One of my biggest memories about the Peter Pan ride was when the ride first opened at the Park, and one of the flying boats broke down. This elderly couple was riding it, and they were up there in the little sailboat. They were flying along and they came to the place in the ride where Captain Hook is yelling, “Shoot them down, Smee… shoot them down!” and all of a sudden… POW… the car mechanism broke and down they came, and it spilled them out on the ground. So they came out of the ride building, rubbing their hips and saying, ‘That’s the greatest ride you have there. It’s so realistic!’ And the park people asked, ‘Are you all right? Are you hurt?’ And they said, ‘No, no… we loved the ride… can we go again?’”
The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey

Dying to get away today.

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It was time to add a new thrill ride, and the two projects that were furthest along in development were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain. It was decided that children were more interested in space than the Wild West.

The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey

Does this remind anyone of a certain little boy named Andy?

Today is a magical kind of day.

I found the perfect Snow White, Belle, and Minnie Mouse DisneyBounds for my trip.

That’s all, I’m just ridiculously excited.

Over at my book blog, I reviewed a short compilation of variations on “The Sleeping Beauty” in order to glean some backstory for Maleficent before her film comes out in May.

Spoiler: Charles Perrault (and every author who re-wrote the tale) leaves much to the imagination.

Most carousels featured different types of horses, classified by their body positions. A listener is posed with one ear forward and one ear back. A star gazer holds his head back, eyes upward. The top knot pony has a heavy forelock, which seems blown straight up by the wind. Most prized of all were the jumpers, with all four feet off the ground. Walt Disney wanted only jumpers for his carousel.
The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey

Another Disney remix for your listening pleasure: “Wishery” by Pogo. Snipped exclusively from bits of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, my first Disney love.

I cannot recommend his work highly enough. Check out “Upular,” a remixed track from Up, “Sugarella" from Cinderella, and “Toyz Noize" from Toy Story.

Walt Disney had the unique ability to blend innovation and creativity with nostalgia, hope, and youthfulness. Finding other artists who can take his work and look at it in a fresh way only serves to multiply his reach and talent.

Ray Bradbury said, ‘In Disneyland, Walt has proven again that the first function of architecture is to make men over, make them wish to go on living, feed them fresh oxygen, grow them tall, delight their eyes, make them kind.’

The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey

I adore Ray Bradbury and his heart for innovation and creativity. On that front at least, he found a kindred spirit in Walt Disney.

1. “Circle of Life” (Mat Zo Remix) — Carmen Twillie & Lebo M., "The Lion King"
2. “Derezzed” (So Amazing Mix) Remixed by Avicii featuring Negin — Daft Punk"Tron: Legacy"
3. “Let It Go” (Armin Van Buuren Remix) — Idina Menzel, "Frozen"
4. “Roar” (Yogi Remix) — Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso, “Monsters University”
5. “Partysaurus Overflow” — BT & Au5, inspired by the "Toy Story" short “Partysaurus Rex”
6. “UNKLE Reconstruction” (Unkle) — Michael Giacchino, "The Incredibles"
7. “Fall” (Japanese Popstars Remix) — Daft Punk, “Tron: Legacy”
8. “The Muppet Show Theme” (Shy Kidx Remix) — the Muppets, "The Muppets"
9. “Hey Pluto!” (Stonebridge Remix) — Stonebridge, inspired by original “Mickey Mouse” cartoons
10. “Once Upon a Dream” (Trion Remix) — Bill Shirley & Mary Costa, "Sleeping Beauty"
11. “Main Street Electrical Parade” (Extended Mix) — Shinichi Osawa, Disneyland Park
12. “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (Alfred Montejano Hyper Remix) — Randy Newman, “Toy Story”
13. “Baby Mine” (House Version) — Kaskade, "Dumbo"
14. “Pineapple Princess” (Kinsey Moore Remix) — Annette Funicello, “Hawaiiannette”

I love re-mixed Disney tunes. I don’t know if that can be said enough. Although Dconstructed isn’t scheduled for release until April 22, I’m dying to hear the re-vamped songs, especially Tracks 11 and 13. If you know of any killer Disney mash-ups or covers (along the lines of Neverland Transmission”), please, please, please leave them in my ask.

Also, I’ve been hooked on “The Pirate Song” from The Pirate Fairy all day. Damn Tom Hiddleston and his smooth vocals.

Disney archivist Dave Smith said, ‘Disneyland’s true appeal, we admit now, is to adults. Children don’t need it. Their imaginations are enough. For them, Disneyland is only another kind of reality, somewhat less marvelous than their own fantasies.’

The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney’s Dream by Sam Gennawey

Disney provided the backdrop of some of my favorite childhood memories. Inspired by the sagas of mermaids and warriors, my sister and I spent many hours as long-lost orphans separated at birth, princesses and evil stepsisters, adventurers and refugees, servants and explorers.

Disneyland tickets: purchased.

Now for the long wait till May.